Department of Pathology


  • A combined Pathology and Bacteriology department was established in 1946 under Dr. L. Monterio. The departments were separated in 1977. Other department heads were -  Dr. Raman (1952-1961), Dr.C.K.Deshpande (1961-1970), Dr. S.M. Purandare (1970-1979), Dr. S.R. Prabhu (1979-1993), Dr. I.M. Vora (1993-1998),  Dr. J.R. Deshpande (1998- April 2006), Dr.N.K.Bahal (May 2006- Aug 2007) & Dr.G.V.Puranik (Sept 2007 onwards)
    During Dr. Prabhu's tenure, the department acquired many automated instruments and sophisticated binocular microscopes. Dr.Vora motivated staff members for active involvement at scientific conferences. She was Treasurer, Vice-President & President of Indian Association of Pathologists & Microbiologists (IAPM).
    Cytology section was started in 1981 and was initiated and developed by Dr.  J. D. Rege.


1 Dr. Kusum D.Jashnani Professor and Head
2 Dr. Meenakshi Balasubramanian Associate Professor
3 Dr. Vikas S.Kavishwar Associate Professor
4 Dr. Mayura Phulpagar Associate Professor
5 Dr. Rima Kamat Associate Professor
6 Dr. Lalita Patil Associate Professor
7 Dr. Varsha M.Dhume Associate Professor
8 Dr. Gayathri P.Amonkar Associate Professor
9 Dr. Sweety Shinde Associate Professor
10 Dr. Shilpa Lad Assistant Professor
11 Dr. Ramesh Waghmare Assistant Professor
12 Dr. Sangeeta Kini Assistant Professor
13 Dr. Sushama Chandekar Assistant Professor
14 Dr. Manisha Narkar Assistant Professor
15 Dr. Jyothi Shetty Assistant Professor
16 Dr. Rakesh Shedge Assistant Professor
17 Dr. Heena Desai Assistant Professor
18 Dr. Mayura Kekan Assistant Professor
19 Dr. Bharti Rajwadkar Assistant Professor

Sections & Location

Section Location
Department and PM Section 3rd floor, Room no.307, College building ‘D’
Surgical Histopathology section 3rd floor, Room no.312, College building ‘D’
Hematology section 1st floor,  Old RMO Quarters ‘G’ building
Cytology section 1st floor, OPD no.118, OPD Building ‘O’
Central laboratory 1st floor, OPD no.16, OPD Building ‘O’
Blood Bank 2nd floor,  OPD no.20, OPD Building ‘O’
Autopsy Room Ground floor, CT Scan building ‘S’