Hospital : Blood Bank

Blood Bank

  • Location : Second Floor, OPD Building: OPD No. 20
  • Timings : The blood bank is open 24 hours a day without any holidays.
  • Telephone Nos.: 23098150 (direct) or 23081490 (ext.: 644, 645)
  • Accreditation: Our blood bank is registered by The State Blood Transfusion Council, duly licensed and is also a member of 'Federation of Bombay Blood Banks'. We follow all safety guidelines that are advocated by the governing bodies. Our blood bank undergoes periodic inspections by the FDA & is regularly updated.


  • Provision of Blood & Blood Components:
    Although this blood bank is primarily set up to take care of the requirements of patients admitted to Nair Hospital, it also caters to the needs of other patients admitted in other hospitals, particularly in times of emergency. Such patients or their relatives are advised to contact at 23098150 (direct) or 23081490 (ext.: 644, 645) for queries regarding availability of blood and modalities of issue of blood units. They may talk to the Medical Social Worker (Blood Bank) or the Doctor in charge of Blood Bank during office hours or the Resident Pathologist on duty after office hours.

  • Collection of Blood Units:
    All blood units are procured from voluntary blood donors or replacement donors. The facility of collecting blood from donors and grouping and cross matching is available 24 hours. Around 12- 15, 000 blood units are collected annually. All the units are screened for VDRL, HbsAg, HIV, HCV and malarial parasite.
  • Preparation of Blood Components:

Blood Bank - Separating blood components
Blood Bank - Separating
blood components
Various blood components are prepared like Packed cells, Saline washed RBCs, Plasma, FFP, Cryoprecipitate, Platelet concentrate and Factor VIII deficient plasma. Most of these components are provided free of charge for Nair Hospital patients except for FFP (Rs.200/-) and Cryoprecipitate (Rs.150/-).
  • Detection of antibodies and rare blood groups:
    Since our hospital caters to a large number of Thalassemia patients regularly, who require frequent & multiple transfusions, we have the facilities & expertise for detection of abnormal antibodies as well as provision of compatible blood for patients with special requirements.

    We have recently acquired 'Microtyping system ( Gel technique)' equipment for alloantibody identification & detection & Direct Antiglobulin Test.

    A record of donors with rare blood groups is maintained by our MSW to cater to emergency situations where rare groups are required.
  • Blood Donation Camps:
    Approximately 80- 85% of the blood available comes from voluntary outdoor blood donation camps, while 15- 20 % is from indoor voluntary/ replacement donation.

    Our blood bank participates in 75- 100 blood donation camps every year. Those desirous of arranging a blood donation camp may contact the Medical Social Worker (MSW-Blood Bank) on the above telephone numbers.
  • Voluntary Blood Donor Cards:

    Blood donor cards are issued within 3 weeks of voluntary donation stating the blood group of the donor. This SBTC card is valid for up to 2 years starting from the date of donation. The card can be used once only.
  • Special services:

    We have well trained staff & doctors who collect blood from donors after thorough interview with purpose of obtaining 'Safe blood'. Also blood donation is effected in physiological conditions in a specially designed donor couch that is available only in few hospitals in Mumbai

We have a fully equipped blood bank with understanding
& hospitable staff eager to be of help to our patients
& their relatives.

Blood Bank Staff List.
Name of Staff                            Qualification       Experience in years

  1. Dr. G V Puranik ; H O D Pathology Dept      M.D.Pathology    28 years      
  2. Dr. Gayathri Amonkar                                    M.D.Pathology                     11 years 
  3. Dr Sushama Chandekar                                 M.D.Pathology                      4 years 
  4. Dr.Heena Desai                                              M.D.Pathology                      2 years 
  5. Dr. Nitin Valvi                                                M.B.B.S, D.P.B                     2 years    
  6. Mrs. Komal Masand                                        B.Sc, DMLT                          7 years
  7. Mr. Rajesh Joshi                                              B.Sc, CMLT                         13 years                            
  8. Mrs. Sunita  Kesarkar                                      B.Sc, DMLT                        21 years             
  9. Mrs. Namrata Hardikar                            B.Sc, DMLT                           7 years                                
  10. Mrs. Smita Kelkar                                           B.Sc, DMLT                         13 years
  11. Mr. Sanjay Lavande                  B.Sc, DMLT                         13 years                                     
  12. Mrs. Anjali Satghare                                        B.Sc, DMLT                           7 years
  13. Mrs. Pradnya Sawant                                       B.Sc, DMLT                           7 years
  14. Mrs. Kalpana U. Shinde                                  B.Sc, DMLT                           6 years
  15. Mrs.Kranti Sawant                                           B.Sc, DMLT                     3 1/2 years
  16. Miss. Shalaka Prabhu                                       B.Sc, DMLT                           4 years
  17. Miss Nishigandha Date                                    B.Sc, DMLT                           3 years 
  18. Miss.Chayya Jaiswal                                      B.Sc, DMLT                        3 months
  19. Mrs. Darshana Chavan                                     H.S.C,                                              6 months
  20. Mrs. Smita Parab                                              H.S.C,                                             8 months
The Blood Bank work is managed by:
13 technicians, 2 staff nurses,
5 lab assistants, 5 lab attendants,
1 servant & 1 sweeper
- under managerial & technical guidance from
the above 6 doctor staff mentioned.